Andrew Jackson Middle School Improvement Council Statement
Putting Our Children First

We at Andrew Jackson Middle School take pride in our teaching and the care and guidance we give our students. We strive to move forward with our academics but do find it a challenge when our state is constantly changes things in regards to our curriculum, state standards and testing. 

Our school for the past two years has received a “C” (Average, meeting state standards) on our state report card but yet when we compare our school to schools like us we are doing just as well and better in some areas. When looking at our Algebra 1 honors class and their end of course testing, 97.2 % of the students taking the test scored above 70. We continue here at Andrew Jackson to embrace the ideology of teaching and learning together in and through the Arts. Our signature programs in the arts reach many students and give the community and school a point of common interest that touches all facets of our daily lives.

Our Veterans Day program and our Black History month program have become a tradition where we honor our Veterans and their service and also recognize the importance of African Americans in the history of our community, state and country.

Our goal with our academics and our art programs are to create lifelong learners. Academically we continue to challenge our students and provide opportunities for our students to receive additional help and make up any missed work by incorporating “Volunteer time” into our school schedule. We continue to tweak the use of volunteer time to make it worthy of the time commitment. 

Our school improvement council has begun making plans for this year as we seek to reach out to our community more. In the month of September our school had its first “AJ Color Run”. This was a 2k run with much fun and activities that promoted our school. Our school improvement council also works hard during the teacher appreciation week in May to ensure that our teachers are shown that their hard work and efforts are appreciated. 

As we continue to work together we will find success in our efforts to create lifelong learners and prepare our students for the rigors of high school.