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Arts build your ability to analyze. As you interpret a play, decode a painting, or discover the essential rhythm of a dance, you get better and better at analyzing. This will prepare you better for college and for life as an adult. That is why we are offering the Fine Arts Focus program at Andrew Jackson Middle School to all Lancaster County middle school students in grades 6-8. In the program, you will “major” in an art area of your greatest interest or ability. You will use your strengths as tools in all of your courses. You will produce and perform as you: 

  • Sharpen your aesthetic perception

  • Learn the value of the arts

  • Study the rich history of the arts

  • Explore the culture that created masterpieces

All of your studies will be based on the South Carolina Standards for Visual and Performing Arts. Every subject you take, even your math, science, language arts, and history classes, will use the arts to help you develop skills in those subjects. Imagine the excitement of learning through the arts! 

Available Programs of Study

  • Band

  • Chorus

  • Dance

  • Theatre

  • Visual Arts

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Fine Arts News Updates:

AJMS Focus Application 2023-2024