Virtual Learning Packet 1

Student Learning Packets

Should you have any questions for any of your child’s teachers, email is the best form of communication at this time. If teachers need to contact students, they will do so via their Google Email, Google Classroom, Remind, or any other means of communication teachers have already set up. The expectation is that your student will complete activities in their Learning Packet. The contents of the packet are intended to take approximately 200 minutes to complete. The packet contains a variety of activities to cover all subject areas. Each academic subject has 10 lessons each, plus 2 activities per Encore class. Upon returning to school, your student will turn in the packet. On the day school resumes the completed work should be turned into the classroom teacher. If for some reason the work could not be completed on the day out, then work must be completed within the number of days missed plus one day. If the contents of the packet are not completed and turned in, then the student will be counted absent for the number of days work not completed. Thank you for all you do as we work together to put our children first. We hope you all take care of yourselves and each other.